Vietnam vs Indonesia 2022 World Cup Qualification

Vietnam vs Indonesia 2022 World Cup Qualification

Vietnamese Observers and Netizens: The Indonesian National Team Is Self-Aware, Park Hang-seo's Troops Are Not As Easy As Thailand!

Vietnam football observer, Quang Huy, predicts that the Indonesian national team will provide fierce resistance against Vietnam. However, Vietnam has a great chance to win. The duel of the two teams in Group G of the 2022 World Cup Qualifications will be held at Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday (7/6/2021) night WIB.

He considered that although Indonesia made a surprise for Thailand, but not for Vietnam. Quang Huy said Park Hang-seos squad had many advantages and would be the winning team. "Indonesia has been eliminated, so they play with a relaxed mentality, without stress and will play more offensively. This was clearly seen in the match against Thailand. They continued to play offensively to equalize," he wrote on Vietnamnet.

Just like Park Hang-seos comment, Huy also said that Garudas squad had changed under Shin Tae-yongs direction.

The Indonesian national team will definitely continue to play offensively against Vietnam. This opponent can cause a lot of surprises if we dont know how to respond. They have a lot of young players and are led by a good Korean coach, said Huy.

Although praising the Indonesian national team has changed a lot compared to the 1-3 defeat in the first meeting in Bali, Quang Huy believes that the victory will belong to Park Hang-seo.

"I dont think Indonesia will make things difficult for Vietnam even though in their last match they drew with Thailand. Compared to Indonesia, the Vietnam squad is deeper, stable and collective," he said.

Coach Park Hang Seo has also studied the Indonesian style of play carefully and already has the right plan.

"I predict that Vietnam will be the winning team," he said.

Quang Huy warned Vietnamese players to play carefully against Indonesia to avoid card penalties and injuries. The reason is, Vietnam still has two more matches, namely against Malaysia and the UAE.

Vietnamese Netizens Comment

Some comments by Vietnamese netizens in the media are also optimistic.

"Indonesia surprised Thailand, but not Vietnam. Remember your enemy, you have faced many times, you have won many times. Coach Park will win again, maybe 5-0," said a comment on Vietnamnet.

Indonesian friends were lucky against Thailand. They played well yesterday, but not tonight, against Vietnam, they will find it difficult to score goals