Chinese man uses Lamborghini to barbecue meat skewers

The video showed the driver revved the engine continuously to shoot flames out of the exhaust in their attempt to grill the meat. However, things went bad and smoke started puffing out.

A Chinese man’s desire for fifteen minutes of fame ended on a sad note after he ended up damaging his luxurious supercar – a Lamborghini! Reason? Well, the car owner tried to barbecue skewered meat using flames from the vehicle’s exhaust! Soon, the car’s engine went up in smoke and the tragic end too was caught on camera.

According to a report by JFD, the man and his friends had gathered in an underground car park in Changsha in Chinese province of Hunan for the ‘cookout’. Strangely, instead any gas stoves or grills, they decided to utilise the super expensive sports car to cook their meat.

While footage showed the man all smiles seeing the flames coming out of the exhaust to torch the meat, it all went awry when heavy smoke started to puff out from the back engine compartment while his friends continued to film it.

It just didn’t end there and soon, a red coolant liquid was seen leaking out of the vehicle.

The Drive explained that like many modern cars with crackle tunes, the “Lamborghini Aventador occasionally dumps raw fuel into the exhaust, where it combusts and shoots flames”. The men used this trick to cook the kebabs.

The crazy stunt, however, ended up burning a hole in his pocket after he was served with a bill of 500,000 Yuan for repairs, Today Online reported.

Lamborghini Aventadors that can reach a top speed of 217mph and usually costs over 2 million Yuan in China. Many on social media slammed the men not just for their stupidity but also pompous show of wealth. Many car lovers also noted that the luxury car is infamous for burning to the ground unexpectedly while drivers do such maneuvering and pointed out that they are lucky, it didn’t lead to a fire accident.