List of Cheat Codes Age of Empires II on PC

List of Cheat Codes Age of Empires II on PC

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, or also known by the acronym AOE 2, is a war strategy game that takes on the historical background of medieval kingdoms.

For those of you gamers who are familiar with PC games in the early 2000s are definitely familiar with this one game. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, or also known by the acronym AOE 2, is a war strategy game that takes on the historical background of medieval kingdoms.

Age of Empires II developed by Ensembles Studio is the second series in the Age of Empires series. The game was released in October 1999 for PC. In its development, the Age of Empires II game was also released on several other platforms, one of which was the Nintendo DS.

On this occasion, Carisinyal will share the Age of Empires II cheat code, along with information about this classic game and the cool features it brings. Just look at the information below.

About Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that invites you to build a city while gathering resources and war troops to increase the power of the city you build to defeat enemies.

This game certainly has its own uniqueness compared to other RTS games, namely in terms of gameplay. You will be given several options of civilization (a kind of tribe or tribe) when building a city. The technology of its city development will also be adapted to its times. There is the Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age and Imperial Age.

In this gym, you will play a number of villagers who are tasked with collecting various types of resources such as wood, gold, food and even stones. The resources you gather are of course very, very useful for survival in the city.

Trading techniques or trade you can also do in this Age of Empires II game. You can trade activities in the market or dock that has been built in advance. You can also buy resources according to need, by trading through cars or cargo ships.

This kind of gameplay that gives a realistic impression of Age of Empires II. When you play this game, you can not only build a city, but also diplomacy with your friends or opponents. However, your target in this game is only one, which is to defeat the enemy or opponent.

Interesting in the Game Age of Empires II

In this game, you can choose two game modes, namely single and multi-player. You can also play a campaign, you know. In the campaign game, you will play a famous historical figure, according to the original historical scenario. One of them was Genghis Khan, with his Eurasian invasion.

In addition to Genghis Khan, you can also play the character of Saladin who tries to defend the Holy Land. Then, there are other figures such as Frederick Barbarossa and Joan of Arc.

Such a campaign also appeared in the expansion of the Age of Empires II game, namely Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. In the expansion of this gym, several new civilizations were introduced. Among them are the Maya, Aztec, Korean, Spanish and Huns.

In this expansion of the game, you can also play several battles included in the Battle of The Conquerors. Three of them were the Battle of Hastings, the Battle of Agincourt and the Battle of Yamazaki.

List of Cheat Codes on PC

After reviewing the Age of Empires II game and information about the HD Remastered version, we will share the Age of Empires II cheat codes on PC, especially for you. Here is a list of cheat codes:

Get an extra 100,000 of all resources ninjalui
Open an entire folder marco
Open the folder view limit polo
Build instantly aegis
Destroy the enemy 1 torpedo1
Destroy the enemy 2 torpedo2
Destroy the enemy 3 torpedo3
Destroy the enemy 4 torpedo4
Destroy the enemy 5 torpedo5
Destroy the enemy 6 torpedo6
Destroy the enemy 7 torpedo7
Destroy the enemy 8 torpedo8
Destroy all enemies black death
Destroy all your troops and buildings wimpywimpywimpy
Control all animals natural wonders
Turning birds into stormy dogs woof woof
Emerging Saboteur forces to smithereens
Pop up a useless villager i love the monkey head
Pop up Furious the Monkey Boy furious the monkey boy
Shelby AC Cobra pops up how do you turn this on
Penguin pops up i don't exist
Alfred the Alpaca pops up alpaca simulator
Table of cheat code Age of Empires II

Well, that's our discussion of Age of Empires II cheat codes on PC, along with a variety of other interesting information about this game. If you have any tips about the Age of Empires II game, or there are other cheat codes that we haven't discussed above, please submit them through the comment field below, yes.