Marc Marquez Predicts a Difficult Race in the Catalunya MotoGP

Marc Marquez Predicts a Difficult Race in the Catalunya MotoGP

Marc Marquez is not confident in achieving good results in the Catalunya MotoGP after fall in 2021 Italian MotoGP.

Honda rider, Marc Marquez, predicts a difficult race in the 2021 Catalunya MotoGP. The reason is that Honda usually struggles there.
The Catalunya MotoGP race takes place on Sunday (6/6/2021). Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya which is the venue for the competition.

In the MotoGP era, Honda won less than Yamaha. A total of 5 victories were successfully achieved by Honda. Meanwhile, Yamaha has recorded 10 wins. Last year, Fabio Quartararo was the fastest.

Marquez has been a winner with Honda since 2019, the Japanese manufacturer's latest victory at the Catalunya MotoGP. After falling in the Italian MotoGP at the end of last week, Marquez did not feel confident looking at the race at the Catalunya MotoGP.

We'll see what we do there because it's a different type of circuit, naturally we struggle there and not naturally the best for us (Honda), said Marquez at JFDBET.

"We learned a lot this week and I feel inside of me a step, it's very good because I come from a very difficult period and only myself, also my team know my true condition. We will continue to work hard to arrive and make the next step the right way," Baby Alien added.

MotoGP 2021 has only spawned 3 winners. Maverick Vinales (1 time), Jack Miller (2 times), and Fabio Quartararo (3 times) who have won the 2021 MotoGP races. Meanwhile, Marc Marquez's best record reached seventh position in the MotoGP Portugal.

Can Marc Marquez Race in Catalunya After Falling Again?

At the 2021 Italian MotoGP, Marc Marquez fell. Given his physical condition, and the fact that it was the second time in a row he crashed, how will his participation in the Catalan MotoGP this weekend be?
Marc Marquez crashed in the early laps of the 2021 Italian MotoGP race on Sunday (30/5) yesterday. The Repsol Honda rider was unable to continue racing, as was the fate that he also experienced in the French MotoGP LeMans in the previous race series.

The crash at Mugello also gave rise to his own concerns regarding his physical condition. After crashing at Jerez in MotoGP 2020 last year, Marc Marquez has practically missed all of last season and two series earlier this season.

Upon returning to the racing track in the third MotoGP 2021 series, with his physical condition not yet prime, Marc Marquez was immediately able to give a positive indication by finishing seventh and ninth in the two series. But that result was then followed by a pair of consecutive crashes, including at Mugello yesterday.

With the Catalunya MotoGP set to take place this weekend, is Marc Marquez fit enough to take action in the seventh series of the 2021 MotoGP?

"Yes, I will be in Barcelona to race," said Marc Marquez dismissing speculation, as reported by Motosan.

"I didn't fall heavily," continued the winner of the six MotoGP world champion titles, referring to the moment of his crash at the 2021 Italian MotoGP.

I'm still in the middle of the circuit and it's not good, but we will be able to be more competitive in Montmelo.

The Catalan MotoGP will be held on June 6 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmelo. In the MotoGP premier class, Marc Marquez has won there twice, in 2014 and 2019.