Collection of the Most Romantic Sex Positions

Collection of the Most Romantic Sex Positions

Sex positions that are comfortable for everyone can be different. However, as Valentine's Day is getting closer, some couples on this earth feel it is appropriate to use the following sex positions to increase romance

Sex positions that are comfortable for everyone can be different. However, as Valentine's Day is getting closer, some couples on this earth feel it is appropriate to use the following sex positions to increase romance because this position has been determined by JFD as the most romantic sex position.

The first position is Slow Climb. This position is almost the same as the missionary sex position, the only difference is that the pillow is placed on the woman's back. The laying of the pillow aims to make penetration deeper and easier to achieve orgasm for both parties. While the back is supported by pillows, women's legs can also be placed on men's shoulders.

Still in the sex position putting their feet on the men's shoulders, couples can also try the Three O'clock position where this erotic position requires the woman to lie at the end of the bed and put her feet on the shoulders of the man who is standing. This position provides the possibility for deep penetration and can achieve extraordinary pleasure during orgasm.

5 Recommendations for Women's Favorite Sex Positions

Sex life with a partner can be more fun when you can explore through various positions during intercourse.

Keep in mind that making love is not only focused on self-gratification, but also needs to create satisfaction for your partner. Therefore, it is very important to know the sex position that is liked by the couple.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional husband being able to comply with his wife's request regarding the style of love he likes. With the opportunity to choose, the couple will be more passionate and create their own happiness.

Get to know your wife's favorite sex position so that sex life becomes more fun, right?

The Spooning Position

The spooning position facilitates physical contact to stimulate stimulation. Every couple would want to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere while making love. One of the most favorite positions for women is the spooning position.

Spooning is a well-known position. If you describe this position as if you will hug your partner by lying down and curling up behind your partner, imitating the position of a spoon that is positioned in a row. The spooning style provides advantages for both women and men. Usually the spooning position is preferred by women because they can feel direct body contact with their partner. Both can hug each other and achieve satisfaction in bed.

Not infrequently this position adds to the stimulation for women because the couple can freely squeeze the breast or kiss the neck.

It should also be noted that this position can stimulate the partner's emotions to become stronger, thus providing positive impacts such as:

  1. Increases closeness with partners because they often have emotional and physical attraction to each other.
  2. Helps the nervous system to be more relaxed because the spooning position sends messages to the body to create relaxation and release hormones.
  3. Help couples who have difficulty eye contact after sex. When using the spooning position, the partner will be in a very close position. This position can even hear the sound of breathing to the heartbeat of our partner.

Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl position makes men excited to see their partner's body. Have you ever used the cowgirl position before? In the eyes of women, this one position is quite a favorite. The woman will be at the top (woman on top), then she can face her partner who is lying on his back.

When used as a sex position, cowgirl creates intimacy because men can easily see the beauty of their partner's body freely. This sight can quickly arouse arousal in men. This stimulation can make sex drive hotter, so that it will satisfy both parties.

Moreover, men can easily touch the body and are able to see their partner's expression when they have orgasm. However, please note that the position of making love with a cowgirl is quite prone to injury to the penis. So, it needs to be done very carefully.

Missionary Position

Missionary including the most classic sex positions, easy and always a mainstay for every couple while making love. Although this position is the most classic, but missionary is very liked by women. Please note that the missionary position gives a deep intimate impression because you and your partner can meet each other face to face. Comfort and closeness are increasingly felt when making love using this position, so that satisfaction is maximized.

Both partners look at each other while doing the missionary position, so they can kiss during lovemaking. The missionary position includes a classic style that is able to provide perfect penetration. However, this position if used continuously will trigger a sense of saturation because there seems to be no other variation.

In eliminating boredom when using the missionary position, each couple can do a few extras during the sex session such as:

  • Added a pillow under the wife's buttocks.
  • Lifting the wife's legs, then penetrate while standing.
  • Raise your pelvis slightly higher, so that you are free to perform sideways, circular, up-down or other penetrating movements.

Doggy Style Position

The doggy style position makes it easier for women to achieve inner satisfaction. Reporting from JFD, doggy style is the preferred sex position by women. With doggy style, this position can provide deep penetration for women. This position can also make it easier for women to achieve the desired satisfaction in sexual activities.

However, some women claim to feel uncomfortable with this style because they feel that the bottom is clearly exposed and seen by their partner. To overcome this, it would be nice to give praise to your partner to increase his confidence. Make your partner proud of their own body. These words can also increase the partner's passion because they have been given a sense of comfort.

So how about you, will you apply some of the sex positions above to increase the intimacy of your relationship with your partner on Valentine's Day?