10 Tips Gym Untuk Pemula

10 Tips Gym Untuk Pemula

10 gym tips for beginners to get the ideal body immediately. One way to get a healthy and ideal body is to use the gym.

Entering the gym for the first time can bring a feeling of insecurity, especially when surrounded by heavy equipment and strangers. But don't worry, with these few gym tips for beginners, the coveted body goals are no longer a dream.

Working out at the gym is one of the best things you can do to improve your physical health. As soon as you start exercising, there will be many changes that are good for your body and mind.

One way to get a healthy and ideal body is to use the gym. By going to the gym, you can exercise more rigorously, so that you can immediately get the ideal body. Even so, making exercise in the gym a routine is not easy. There are many "temptations" that make it inconsistent and lazy. Therefore, get to know some of these gym tips for beginners!

Therefore, we will provide 10 gym tips for beginners for those of you who intend to start the gym.

Find Knowledge About Gym

The first tip that you need to consider before starting a gym is to find more information about the gym itself. You as a beginner can seek knowledge about the gym that can be your provision before starting the sport. Some of the country's fitness icons such as Ade Rai, Jansen Ongko, Halim Tsiang, Adrian Maulana, Chef Edwin, Bobby Ida, and Akram Askar often share tips about the gym on their social media.

You can easily access and get a lot of knowledge from them. Usually gym beginners will find it difficult to apply what movements are suitable for doing in the gym. From the information provided by these professionals, you will not be confused anymore to do the best moves in the gym.

Arrange a Gym Workout Schedule for Beginners

The best exercises are exercises that are done regularly. This also applies to those of you who want to go to the gym. To get maximum results, you must be able to do gym exercises regularly and maximally. Therefore, setting up a workout schedule at the gym is very important for you. Most of the gym users do not have a regular schedule, only go to the gym when the mood or there is free time. The results obtained will not be optimal.

You as a beginner can arrange your gym schedule according to your ability. For example, if you are able to exercise rigorously, you may be able to schedule your gym to be every 4 times a week at certain hours, or 5 to 6 times a week only if you are getting used to it.

Know Time To Rest

To achieve the ideal body, does not mean you have to torture your own body. The exercise schedule that you compiled earlier is highly recommended so that it is not too heavy. If it is too heavy, it will make your body tired and the exercise will not be effective.

You must know the capacity of your own body. Rest is also important because in fact rest will give us the energy we need before returning to practice again. Don't push your body too much!

Create Realistic Goals

As a gym beginner, you need to set clear goals, what your real goal is to go to the gym. Do you want a muscular body like Ade Rai? Or maybe more to the ideal body with light muscles?

The target you set will then affect the types and levels of exercise that you will take. Also make sure you have a constant target (not changing over time), so your practice will be more focused.

Maintain Nutrition and Diet Gym for Beginners

In achieving the ideal body, of course your nutrition and intake must be regular but complete. If you've been to the gym vigorously, but can't adjust your diet to be more regular, it's the same as your exercise is no longer meaningful.

Therefore, maintaining nutrition and a regular diet is very important, so that your exercise program does not lose and does not produce anything. By maintaining a regular diet, you can easily achieve the body you want quickly.

Eat Supplements, If Needed

This aspect is not mandatory. Until now there is still a lot of debate about the efficacy of the supplement itself. Some say supplements have no effect, others say supplements are quite helpful. Actually supplements do not provide special benefits in fitness training. Supplements only serve to fill the lack of nutrients you need to do exercises in the gym.

For example, the nutrients you get from food are still lacking, supplements are tasked with completing them. Therefore, your ideal body is still significantly determined by the intensity of your workout, not the number of supplements you take.

If you choose to take supplements regularly, but the exercise itself is not regular, then you will not get maximum results.

Register Gym Member

If you already have more confidence to go to the gym regularly, you need to consider signing up for member status at the gym. Gym members will provide many benefits for you, indirectly can also be your motivation.

By registering as a gym member, you will get prices that tend to be cheaper. In some gyms there are also additional benefits provided by the gym.

You can also be more motivated to practice regularly, because if it's not regular, your member money will just be forfeited.

Find a Gym Buddy

Like playing, going to the gym will be more exciting and fun when you do it with friends. By having a gym buddy, you will feel many advantages that can affect the intensity of your workout.

Gym buddy can be your social partner at the gym if one day you are too late or getting bored with the gym program that you are going to take. Not only that, the gym environment will also feel more comfortable and friendly with a familiar face.

By getting a gym buddy, you can also use their presence as your motivation to practice. You can invite your friends to start a gym together, or make new friends at the gym you visit.

Hire Personal Trainers

These tips are one of the best and fastest tips to achieve the ideal body you want. With more and more gyms, the more personal trainer services you can use.

By using the services of a personal trainer, you will not have time to relax during the duration of the exercise, because the personal trainer will continue to monitor you. This is certainly good for those of you who have a strong determination to achieve the ideal body quickly.

Personal trainers, of course, also have experience in the gym. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the wrong movement or exercise in the gym if you are under the auspices of a personal trainer. They will better understand what kind of training you need.

Discipline and Patience

The last tip that is no less important is to prepare yourself mentally. Not only preparing for the physical condition, the mental you have must also be ready and consistent. By having a ready mindset, gym training will also feel light. You are the master of your own body. Sometimes motivation will be lost along the way. Therefore it takes a high discipline attitude to get the ideal body you want. As a gym beginner, you need to be mentally prepared.

Patience is also needed. Many people who do gym workouts don't have the patience level, so they quickly conclude that going to the gym is pointless. Different people have different capacities, and so do you. You need patience to be successful, as well as in the gym.

Easier Gym Access in Apartments

Those were 10 gym tips for beginners that we highly recommend for you to apply. The motivation needed to start gym training for beginners is not easy. But with a strong will and regular practice, you will get the ideal body that you dream of.

One of the things that hinders the intention of the gym for beginners is the access that is quite far. However, you will not find this if you are an apartment resident. Many apartments already provide complete gym facilities to facilitate gym access for both beginners and experienced.

With this easy access, the motivation to start going to the gym for beginners will definitely be there