How to Make Love Without Penetration

How to Make Love Without Penetration

Making love with a partner does not have to mean penetrating the penis into the vagina. The reason is, you and your partner can still feel the peak of pleasure even without penetration.

Hot sex can be created when both people enjoy the atmosphere and the details they feel during sex. One of the hottest movements during sex is located at the time of penetration or when the penis is inserted into the vaginal canal. Most people can indeed feel an orgasm during penetration activity. But can we achieve orgasm when the process of making love is not accompanied by penetration? The answer in the Soccer Gambling version is that it could be yes and it could be no.

The answer is known on the basis of the couple who did it. As for sex without penetration, it is sometimes done based on several factors, one of which may be due to delaying pregnancy, wanting a new atmosphere, or just wanting to try it out.

4 Ways to Climax During Sex Without Penetration

Making love with a partner does not have to mean penetrating the penis into the vagina. The reason is, you and your partner can still feel the peak of pleasure even without penetration. There are times, you or your partner may be reluctant to penetrate. For women penile penetration may be painful, especially during menstruation, abdominal cramps, or vaginal discharge.

Some older couples may also not be interested in sex with penetration. While they still want to feel the pleasure of climax with their partner. JFD reports that only about 25 percent of women can climax through vaginal penetration. While the rest, can reach a climax even without penetration. Therefore, it should be noted that sex is not just a matter of penetration.

If you want to explore new things, there are several ways you can do with your partner to climax together without penetration.

Foreplay is Sex

You and your partner must both open your mind about sex. You can try by changing the foreplay mindset as a 'warm up' before penetration. The concept of foreplay as a warm-up will only show that there is a 'main menu' to be served.

Though foreplay itself is also a sex relationship. You and your partner can foreplay until you reach the climax. Assume foreplay is sex so there is no need for penetration to reach climax.


This activity is almost the same as having sex as usual, but the couple still wears underwear to insulate or limit so that penetration does not occur. Just as the name suggests, outercourse is sex outside the vaginal opening. Outercourse is usually done by touching, rubbing, to massage your partner's intimate parts. The breasts, neck, and ears can be where you play when doing outercourse. Couples may also be able to climax just by hugging and 'dirty talks' accompanied by light touches on the intimate part.

Oral sex

Oral sex is a style of hot sex without subsequent penetration, sex using the partner's mouth and tongue as the main medium can be realized through sexual style in order to achieve mutual orgasm. As is normal, partners stimulate each other's sensitive areas using their lips and tongue.

But the thing to remember is that this style is very risky because the possibility of entry of germs from the partner's genitals through our mouths is very large. Currently, information related to various kinds of sex poses that can increase arousal can be found on the internet. Make sure your sex style is not harmful to you and your partner.

Spontaneous Orgasm

Have you ever heard the term spontaneous orgasm or spontaneous orgasm? Spontaneous orgasm usually occurs in women. Healthline reports that spontaneous orgasms occur without any sensory or sensual stimulation. You can have spontaneous orgasms while exercising, or working, or at certain times when you are focused on something.

For some people, spontaneous orgasms can be unsettling and unwanted. But you and your partner make it a way to climax without the need for penetration. You or your partner may have a special place or special activity that makes orgasm spontaneous. Talk to your partner about how spontaneous orgasms occur. You can prepare similar conditions so that your partner can climax without any penetration.

In some cases, a non-penetrating relationship may feel comfortable. But you should still talk to your partner to get consent when you will start having sex, either with or without penetration.

Intermammary Intercourse

Hot sex activity on this one is by swiping a man's penis between two women's breasts that are put together until the penis ejaculates. This style is usually favored by the European community.

Femoral Intercourse

This activity can be said to be similar to intermammary. The only difference is when the penis is rubbed between the thighs, not the breast like an intermammary.