Facts About Male Sex

Facts About Male Sex

Sex is always interesting to be the subject of discussion. By having sex, couples will feel happy and increase harmony in the household. However, for women you should know about sex in men.

Sex is always interesting to be the subject of discussion. By having sex, couples will feel happy and increase harmony in the household. However, for women you should know about sex in men. Keep in mind, sex for men is not as simple as many women think so far. For that, you must understand it in order to make your man happy. Here are some things you should know about men and sex, as reported by Judi Trusted.

'See the size of a man's penis through the size of his finger'. A study by the University of Liverpool found that if a man's ring finger is longer than his index finger, it means that his testosterone levels are very healthy. And conversely, if the ring finger size is the same or smaller than the index finger, then it indicates that the testosterone levels in the body have lower testosterone levels. This implies that a woman can predict the size of a man's penis based on the size of his fingers mentioned above.

'Always explore sex positions'. According to research conducted by experts, they found that men tend to have a desire to explore sex positions when having sex with their partners. For men, it is strived to avoid boredom when making love to their partner.

Some Important Facts About Male Sex

When it comes to sex, most people tend to focus on sex. This is not wrong, but many people prefer to spend time finding out about improving performance during intercourse, such as sex techniques, sex positions, to how to achieve orgasm. But not many people want to really know about their partner's sexuality.

Not only female sexuality is surrounded by myths and facts that are rarely revealed. Men also have a 'secret' that has not been discussed much, not even every man is aware of it. As women, it is important that we know some facts about male sexuality. This is done so that harmony with your partner is maintained as expected. Here are some facts about male sex.

'Orgasms can prevent male breast cancer'. Research conducted by a study in Greece found that the frequency of orgasm will have an impact on the incidence of cancer in men. From the results of research conducted, they found that men who suffer from breast cancer are caused by the frequency of orgasm which tends to be low or does not have frequent orgasms. Meanwhile, for men who have frequent orgasms or with a high frequency of orgasms, it was found that these men will be healthy and avoid breast cancer.

Men like to squeeze women's breasts

Keep in mind, men apparently like to wring their partner's breasts to increase sexual arousal. For women, take good care of the size and shape of your breasts to easily provoke your male sex drive.

10 Things About Men Sex That Women Should Understand

Unfortunately, pretending you don't know won't make it easier for you to be in a relationship with a guy. You better identify and understand about how men think and what is behind his attitude in terms of sex. Are you ready to face reality? Here are 10 things you need to know.

  1. Men don't just want to have sex, men need sex.
    For men, sex is just as important as food and sleep. When you refuse to have sex with your partner to punish him or teach him a lesson, the effects are even worse. Why? Because men will look for satisfaction elsewhere. In fact, men can purposely hook up with someone on purpose to hurt you.
  2. After sex, men will experience physiological reactions.
    Physiological reactions that occur after sex make men distance themselves emotionally from their partners. This is why men tend to become tired and sleepy after sex. They don't want to cuddle or make out after sex not because of personal reasons, but because of a chemical reaction and has nothing to do with their feelings for you.
  3. Men think about sex every time they meet women.
    When a man sees, meets or thinks of a woman, he will imagine what if he had sex with her. The more attractive the woman, the longer and more vivid the fantasy that occurs in the mind of a man. Most of the time, the notion of having sex with another woman occurs without any purpose and will not continue to become reality. Even men rarely admit that they have these thoughts in their minds.
  4. The more you show other attractive women, the more attracted men are to you.
    This may sound awkward, but when you acknowledge the attractiveness of other women in front of your partner, he will be relieved that he is free to appreciate other women in front of you. It also shows that you are a confident woman, and self-confidence is one of the things that men find sexy.
  5. A man will answer vaguely if you ask him what he is thinking.
    Men will hide the fact that they are thinking about sex more often than they realize. If a man is forced to admit it, he will shut down and refuse to communicate with you.
  6. In order to keep men interested, women have to be a little bit 'high-end'
    As a woman, you've probably heard about this a lot. Unfortunately in reality many women have a misunderstanding about how to be expensive. Suddenly canceling a date is not a permanent attitude because it will only make a man confused and frustrated. One way to sell high is not to be too aggressive, and there is no need to rush to show him your feelings.
  7. Clothes, hairstyles, perfumes, and make-up have little effect on men.
    Yes, the things above can make women look more attractive, but men still value the character and nature of women as the main thing. The more confident and independent a woman is, the more attractive she is to men. When you can be asked to be silly, insightful, and undemanding, a man won't let you go.
  8. Men will act like men.
    Men's gaze will always be on attractive women and they will have fantasies about having sex with other people. The 'nice' men are no exception. When you accept and understand that this is not a threat to the relationship, you will be happier.
  9. Men don't like to talk about past relationships.
    Men like to think that he or she is the only person you've ever been with, even though they know that's not true. The image of you with other people is a threat to them, even your relationship with your ex-boyfriend at school. It's not a rational thing, but that's how men think.
  10. Sex is an area that men enjoy and must master.
    On the one hand, men enjoy sex, but they are also aware of their duty to satisfy women. When their partner is not satisfied, they will feel like a failure. So, if you don't feel like having sex, it's better to share how you feel to avoid misunderstandings.